Leak Detection

Leak Detection on Maui

Stop Wasting Water or Money Because of Leaks

You may notice visible leaks around your toilet, sink, or shower, but the leaks you can’t see are more dangerous to your plumbing system and your home. A leak detection system can monitor your water usage to stop leaks as soon as they begin. Woody’s Plumbing is here with expert leak detection on Maui to help protect your home from unnecessary water damage, so you don’t waste water or money. Don’t let a dripping faucet spend your hard-earned cash for you!

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Prevent Costly Water Damage with Regular Plumbing Inspections

Don't wait for a major plumbing issue to occur before addressing potential leaks and water damage. Regular plumbing inspections can help identify and resolve small leaks before they turn into costly and damaging problems.

Our team at Woody's Plumbing Services in Maui, HI can conduct thorough inspections of your plumbing system to check for leaks, corrosion, and other issues that could lead to water damage.

Benefits of regular plumbing inspections include:

  • Early detection of leaks and pipe damage
  • Prevention of water damage
  • Increased water efficiency
  • Peace of mind for homeowners
  • Extended lifespan of plumbing fixtures

Don't let a small leak turn into a major headache. Schedule a plumbing inspection with Woody's Plumbing Services today to protect your home and save money in the long run.

Common Types of Leaks

It may take days or weeks to notice that you have a leak, especially hidden behind your walls. 

The most common types of leaks are:

  • Slab leaks: Leaks under your home’s foundation are considered foundation or slab leaks; they’re almost impossible to see and can increase your utility bills exponentially. If you have pools of water on your floor or a damp carpet, you may have a slab leak.
  • Toilet leaks: If it’s hard to flush the toilet, you see water on the floor of your bathroom, or moisture around the toilet, you may have a leaking tank or a failed wax ring.
  • Leaks under sinks: Water under your sink can be caused by your sink drain, water purification system, or faucet. It may be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause with these many connections underneath your sink. 
  • Water heater leaks: A leaking water heater may be the first sign that it’s time for a replacement. Begin by tightening your drain valve; if this doesn’t solve the problem, reach out to our team for tankless or tank water heaters.

These common leaks will plague your home and wastewater for a higher utility bill and water damage to your home. Reach out to the professionals at Woody’s Plumbing for expert Maui leak detection.

Signs You Have a Leak

How do you know you have a leak if you can’t see water dripping? Not all leaks are as easy to identify as a dripping faucet. 

Signs you may need leak repair include:

  • Discolored pipes: Discoloration, especially around connections, are a sign of moisture. Whether it’s a small drip or something more serious, fixing a leak sooner or later can save you money and water damage.
  • Weak water flow: Low water pressure in multiple places is a sign of a problem more extensive than an aging faucet and indicates you could have a leak in your mainline, at your water heater, or throughout your supply line. Reach out to our Maui leak detection team immediately if you notice weak water flow.
  • Bubbling wall paint: If the paint is peeling or bubbling on your walls or ceiling, this is a sign of moisture. Brown spots, mold, and mildew are other common indicators on your wall or ceiling of a leak.
  • Wobbly toilet: You may just need to tighten the seat, but other problems may be present. If the bolts at the bottom of your toilet are tight and it still wobbles, the seal around it may have failed, and water can be deteriorating the floor underneath.

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